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This series of webinars and bulletins provides you with key information and training through this difficult time, such as impacts on the region, managing your business through the crisis, best practices, reputation management, human resource strategies, and recovery strategies.

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Successful Grant Writing Workshops

The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and Indigenous Tourism BC are hosting a Grant Writing Workshop as part of the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Resiliency Program.

This workshop will include the vision, mission, and goals of grant writing, as well as the cultural aspects and frameworks of establishing a grant writing approach.

Writing a grant proposal means that you have a distinct vision for how something could be improved or advanced, and you’re ready to ask for funding or other support to help this vision become a reality.

This grant writing workshop is for-profit and non-profit associations, as well as registered charities within the Thompson Okanagan region with a focus on grant writing-related challenges and solutions.

This virtual Grant Writing Workshop will support business financial needs and is offered at no cost through the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Resiliency Program. The workshop will be co-hosted by Jamie Bourne, Tourism Resiliency Program Advisor.

Participants will learn about :

  • What are Grants?
  • What is a Grant Proposal?
  • Different types of grants?
  • How do I know if I should apply for a grant, and where can I find them?
  • Some myths about nonprofit grants
  • How to Write an Effective Grant Proposal
  • Grant Proposals: The Basics
  • Essential Components of a Good Grant Proposal

Before you go ahead and dive deep into nonprofit grant proposal writing, take a moment to ask yourself:

“Does my nonprofit need to be applying for a grant in the first place?”

For many nonprofits, grants are very appealing. They can provide the opportunity for an organization or business to make a significant impact on its community that it would otherwise be unable to fund. On the other hand, writing effective grant proposals can seem like stepping into a confusing, long labyrinth, and one that comes with many strings attached.

Therefore, it’s important to know if applying for grants is the right decision for funding your nonprofit, amongst many other funding sources at your disposal. And if so, how much energy should you invest in the grant writing process?

Register now to understand the basics of grants, different types of grants, and how your nonprofit can write an effective grant proposal step by step.

There is no cost to participate, however, spaces are limited. Please register by Nov. 5th, 2021

See full details: or REGISTER NOW.

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