Stories of Resilience

The Paisley Notebook

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“Put simply, I tell stories with food.” 

Aman Dosanj, the creative force behind The Paisley Notebook, is inspiring curiosity and change when it comes to food, community and inclusivity. After moving to Canada from England in 2008, Aman owned and operated Poppadoms Restaurant in Kelowna, BC, together with her family. Now, she is revolutionizing the food industry, showcasing Canada’s abundance and turning locals into tourists. By hosting pop-up dinners, Aman creates “Edible Adventures” for her guests with an ever-changing array of flavours and stories inspired by local, seasonal ingredients as much as the farmers who grow them. Though food is the unifying thread through her business endeavours, Aman’s mission goes far beyond. 

“The project has always been about building a bigger, more inclusive table, encouraging people to be open-minded, ask questions and get excited and curious about the place we live in. It also highlights great people who deserve the recognition – I know how to spot an underdog.” – Aman Dosanj 

Aman registered for the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Resiliency Program for additional support, having no protection at the best of times as the sole proprietor of her business. The program provided some peace of mind during an uncertain time full of unpredictable changes. Pre-Pandemic, The Paisley Notebook was hosting events along one long table, inspiring connections through a family dinner experience. Aman has re-thought how to cultivate community at “six feet together”, prioritizing the health and safety of guests by changing table arrangements according to physical distancing guidelines and incorporating increased sanitation procedures – all without compromising the essence of the collective experience. Guests have been feeling safe and well taken care of, thanks to Aman’s attention to detail and dedication to going above and beyond in everything she does.

“I spoke to a lot of friends in the industry who have very high standards to make sure I have all the up to date information. The Resiliency Program seminars helped me stay on top of things when developing a workplace safety plan, providing reassurance and resources.” – Aman Dosanj 

The most difficult part of the situation for Aman has been managing uncertainty, sitting and waiting without knowing if she would be coming out of this still having a business. Moving forward, the colder months will present a new challenge. “It has been a rollercoaster, but it’s all about redirecting your energy. The people I cook for are the most amazing people, it’s truly a values-based group and I’m so grateful to be able to share these experiences with them.” 


Author: Lucie Eger