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Risk Assessments & Business Continuity Plans with Calian

1 Mins read

Business owners are facing some of the most complex challenges we have seen in our recent history. Tourism owners and operators are managing public health orders and implications, but also possible staffing challenges, cyber breaches or attacks, supply chain disruptions, and civil unrest or conflict. A risk assessment and business continuity plan can help you prepare for any kind of business interruption, and also create safeguards to reduce your risk.

It can be overwhelming to identify all of the risks facing an organization, including the new risks you may face caused by moving to online platforms or working remotely during the pandemic. This webinar will provide you with the information you need to assess your needs and identify what your next steps should be to keep your business, your staff, and your customers safe.

Join Vanessa Howard of Calian, a Canadian company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that help the world communicate, learn, lead healthy lives and stay safe; for a webinar on emergency and business continuity planning for the tourism industry.

Attendees can expect insights on:

The importance of business continuity planning for the tourism industry

One size doesn’t fit all – how to identify your needs

What you should consider in a risk assessment and why

Presenter: Vanessa Howard, Emergency Manager

Vanessa has 14 years of emergency management and response experience as a first responder, educator and facilitator. Her academic background includes emergency management, critical infrastructure protections, security and risk management, crisis communications, and advanced business continuity planning. She serves on the Professional Development Committee of the International Association of Emergency Managers.