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Topic #5: Leveraging Technology to Pivot Your Business

In response to COVID-19, businesses are leveraging technology to amend or introduce new online services and experiences in order to generate revenue and reach new audiences while their capacity to welcome visitors on-site is reduced. This session explores examples of tourism business innovations using technology to evolve business models, visitor services and experiences. David Gonella will kick start the Ideas Lab conversation, sharing how the Roots and Blues Festival has leveraged technology to pivot its business and drive new revenue and benefits for the organization.

Dates/times in Pacific Time:

5.3 – Nov. 30, 2020 @ 2pm session starts

Topic #6: Creating Revenue Diversification Opportunities

In response to COVID-19, businesses are having to be creative in diversifying their services and offers in order to generate new sources of sustainable revenue and evolve their business models. In this session, Eleanor Stacey will kick start the Ideas Lab conversation, sharing how the Civic Theatre is diversifying revenue to pivot its business and drive new revenue and benefits for the organization

Dates will be released in the New Year

Topic #7: Evolving the Meetings & Events Experience

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on the meetings and events sector, requiring organizations to rethink their strategic and operational approaches to delivery. In this session explores how businesses in the meetings and event sector are evolving revenue generation models, delivery and experiences. Judy Kucharuk will kick start the Ideas Lab conversation, sharing how the Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek has evolved and pivoted its business to drive new revenue and evolve the events experience for a sustainable future. 

Dates/times in Pacific Time:

Dates will be released in the New Year

Topic Recaps

  • Topic #4: Re-Imagining Your Assets: Looking at Product Differently
    • The impacts of COVID-19 require tourism businesses to look at their infrastructure and assets through a new lens, adapt and create different opportunities to generate revenue and potentially appeal to new markets. Kevin Belanger will kick start the Ideas Lab conversation sharing how Tesla Tours is adapting their product offer and will set the stage for industry participants to share examples they’ve seen in the market and how their businesses are evolving their products to generate new revenue, survive and thrive. 
  • Topic #3: Human Realities and Human Resources: Supporting Your Staff During COVID-19
    • COVID-19 has brought a wide variety of new and unique challenges to the workplace, including increased customer aggression, heightened job security concerns, mental health challenges, staffing issues, etc. This session explores the new human realities on tourism businesses, resulting from the pandemic. HR Manager, Karina Gaudreau will kick start the Ideas Lab conversation sharing how True Key Hotels & Resorts is mitigating these challenges to support staff to survive and thrive.
  • Topic 2: Appealing to and engaging with Regional and BC travel markets
    • Bella Coola Heli Sports and Tweedsmuir Park Lodge have traditionally seen the majority of their visitors originate from long-haul domestic, US and international markets that have been significantly reduced due to COVID travel restrictions. Tim and/or Ben will set the stage for the Ideas Lab conversation by sharing how their companies are creatively responding to COVID-19 to pivot from a primarily international market to attracting regional and BC guests.
  • Topic 1: Welcome Signals | Creating Customer Confidence through Experience Design and Communications
    • In this session, Nancy Arsenault, Managing Partner at the Tourism Café, will introduce the concept of ‘welcome signals’ – the on-line and in-person indicators that strengthen the perception of visitors that their presence is valued. Nancy will set the stage for the group discussion, highlighting the different types of welcome signals and provide examples of companies and communities that are excelling as they re-invite visitors. 

About Ideas Labs

Together with the Tourism Cafe, BC Regional Tourism Secretariat is pleased to announce expanded support through the BC Tourism Resiliency Network. Launching this month, Ideas Labs are a series of 30 online workshops on nine original topics selected from requests from tourism operators across the province. The labs will bring small groups together in a business-to-business learning environment to address hot topics where solutions to common problems are discussed and shared, and new ideas are incubated. These are 1-hour online workshops and each is led by an inspiring Industry Topic Specialist. 

Each session is limited to only 12 participants from across the province. Ideas Labs is a program created and produced by the Tourism Cafe. 

A new topic, with an accompanying registration link, will be released each week in October.